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organic beekeeping - the other way

My bees live the whole year in almost untouched nature at the same place.

The pure nature taste of my raw and rare honey is from all the nectar my bees mainly collect
from wild fruit trees, wildflower meadow, linden, lavender and acacia between April and August.
Its exclusive multi floral texture make my finest raw honey different with rich flavor and extraordinary aroma,
unlike any other honey you may have tasted before.

Pure Nature Beeswax Candles and warm Beeswax Packing are good for feeling well.

Breathing beehive air is also known in Apitherapy.

Raw Honey mixed with Apilarnil (drone larvae extract), Pollen or Propolis is full of Power.

Balm and cream with Bee Venom (Apitoxin), Propolis, Honey, Beeswax and Oils
are known since thousands of years.

Mead or Honey wine, Honey Liqueur, Honey Brandy are only possible with best raw honey.

Bees donate us with much gifts to improve our live.
I made a video for stress management and hope it will help many people to relax.
Please share this video with everybody you know.


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