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Beehive Air Inhaling Solution


Bees have been the source of natural pharmacy for many, many centuries...

Bee gifts as APIS air can have a beneficial effect on more than 500 various diseases and conditions.

Beehive air aerosols can contain all the components produced and stored from the bees in a beehive.

Inhaling with my APIS air solution this specific aroma, which is produced in beehives,
can have beneficial effects on human psycho and physical condition.

Beehive air may help people i. e. with the following conditions:

- Bronchitis
- Asthma
- Allergies
- Chronic lung diseases
- Susceptibility to infections
- Weakened immune system
- Respiratory tract infections
- Chronic headaches, migraines
- Stress
- Depression

By inhaling the warm beehive air, through a special breathing mask, you can consume these precious substances, which can have effect on a series of conditions.

Beehive Air Inhaling Solutions can help you to overcome many problems
and can also be more than perfect for athletes, children and the elderly.

Recommended usage period is three to twelve days, 20 minutes two or three times a day.
The effects may be shown six to eight weeks after the complete usage period.

My APIS Air Inhaling Solutions can be installed at most locations worldwide.

Consuming raw pure nature honey combined with Propolis, Pollen or Apilarnil can enlarge the positive effects.

Contact me, if you have questions.



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