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My first contact with beekeeping was many, many years ago as I was a 10 year old pupil. Leading bee colonies around the year was not treated from varroa mites. Beekeeping was communicated as very mysterious and I recognized that bees and there living are fascinating. Additional I like sweets and especially raw pure nature honey.

Old school beekeeping contained to look every week to your bee families between April and August.
My job allowed not this frequent visits and so I had to pause beekeeping.

At my job I had the opportunity to travel to many countries overseas.
After work I contacted other beekeepers and learned many things unknown in Europe.

Health problems finished my career and I focused on the reasons which lead to my diseases.
One of the main reasons was my unhealthy living.
If you like your job and work 16 - 18 hours a day it is not good for your health.

For a healthy life you need healthy foods.
Finest raw pure nature honey, not blended, is best for health.
Pollen, Propolis and Apilarnil are excellent food supplements.
The Beehive Air is good for wellness too.
Bee Venom (Apitoxin) can be a helpful ingredient.

What is absolutely necessary for health food and all above?
Strong and health bee colonies.

Now with plenty of time I had the possibility to read much, visit workshops and contact old friends.
My social activities opened me the contact to further beekeepers in eastern Europe.
I got much additional information from beekeeper families with a tradition of more than hundred years.
Old asiatic, arabic and european knowledge and experience are unpayable and most written nowhere.

I decided to keep bee colonies in an other way so far as it is possible with the influence of the varroa mites.
In the summary all together lead me to a place with low not natural influence I found in 1994 at Pannonhalma.

At other countries are apiaries maintained too.

Result of all is my way of pure nature organic beekeeping leading my bee colonies in 5 steps through the year.
Only Carnica Queen Breeding needs a few steps more.

My aim is to get the best possible pure nature quality of the gifts of my bees for me.

At Germany I qualified as certified bee expert and certified honey expert.

Contact me, if you have questions.



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