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pure nature raw honey - the exquisite taste

Why is the luxury, extraordinary taste of my honey different, many people ask?

My bees have time to make from the collected nectar best raw honey.

The finest raw pure nature honey is only harvested one time a year.

No travelling with the bees means no stress for the bees.

No sugar feeding, honey is made from the bees out of pure nectar.

No use of high speed rotating extractors.

No use of heat or pressure to get out more of the honey cells.

Every year my bees collect a limited edition of luxury, finest, raw pure nature honey.

This summary is the pure taste of all the nectar my bees mainly collect
from wild fruit trees, wildflower meadow, linden, lavender and acacia between April and July.

Its exclusive texture make my finest polyfloral honey different with rich flavor and extraordinary aroma,
unlike any other honey you may have tasted before.

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