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mead - honeywine

Mead is made from fermented honey.
Simply put, it is honey wine, also called "Nectar of the gods," or "Drink of Love".

Earlier than wine or beer Honey wine or Mead was the first alcoholic drink brewed by humans with alcohol level varying between 7% to 15%. It was told that first batches of honey wine could have been produced by chance during the Stone Age when honey became wet from rain and wild yeast in the air settled into the mixture.

For centuries, mead or honey wine has been renowned as an 'aphrodisiac' (agent which heightens sexual drive) and the word "honeymoon" is believed to be derived from the ancient European custom of having newly-weds drink honey wine for a whole moon (month) in order to increase their fertility and therefore their chances of a happy and fulfilled marriage.

Honey wine is also taken as a health tonic drink as it has a good level of antioxidants from honey.

Mead-making is easier as brewing beer,
but the fermentation of honey wine takes much longer than the fermentation of beer.

Honey wine can take up to two to ten years to reach full maturity.

Quality of Mead depends fundamental on the quality of the used honey.
It is self-evident that only best raw honey is used for my Honey wine.

Honey brandy, distilled from honey wine, honey liqueur and Mead are available on request.

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