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My way of organic beekeeping


Only 5 times a year I disturb my bees. From outside I can see enough.

My bees need time to make with their enzymes from nectar best raw honey.

My bee colonies stand the whole year on the same quiet place, this means no travelling and no stress for my bees.

Raw pure nature honey is only harvested one time a year.

In healthy wood my bees live without chemical weather protection.

No additional sugar feeding for my bees. My bees collect nectar first for themselves.

No pharmaceuticals against varroa mites. I use biological ways.

No buy of prepared wax cells. Additional wax is a possible desease risk.

Managing apiaries at other countries shows, that this way of guiding bees through the year works well,
but if you have heavy nectar flow, you have to harvest the honey at more times.

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