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You want to order my finest
Apis Power
bees gifts?


In yearly average every bee colony gives me only about 7.5 kg exquisite finest raw honey.

I decided to give my finest, rare, extraordinary raw honey and other bee products only to family and friends,
who really appreciate the value.

The limited edition of every year from my bees collected raw pure nature honey
is bottled in single numbered 250 g glass jars.

Every year in August all confirmed orders for my bees delicious honey are filled and sent.

Individual Orders for this rare honey are possible between beginning of January and end of July.


Questions about Apitoxin or Bee Venom you can send with e-mail.


For Apilarnil (drone larvae extract),
Propolis or Beeswax Products
and for breathing beehive air with th my APIS air solution,
you can send me your individual request.


Honey Wine, also named Mead,
Honey Liqueur

Honey Brandy, I distill from Honey Wine,
are available on personal request.


Bees donate us with much gifts to improve our live.
I made a video for stress management and hope it will help many people to relax.
Please share this video with everybody you know.





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