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Apilarnil - pure raw drone larvae extract

Apilarnil - pure raw drone larvae extract, is a gift of nature sent through the bees.

Apilarnil, the total extract of drone larvae is a natural source of health, vitality and longevity. It is a special bee product, with a complex composition, like royal jelly and it has a very strong effect in revitalizing and energizing potency. Apilarnil, the total extract of drone larvae has a rich content in protein, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, beta-carotene, vitamins, free essential aminoacids which offer multiple biologically active properties. Apilarnil, the drone larvae extract, is useful for the optimization of body functions, vitality and regeneration.

Harvesting of Apilarnil is done the day before the sealing of cells respectively on the 10th day after the filing of the egg or the 7th day of the larval stage for drone larvae.

The larval food intake is honey, the pollen, the bee bread, the propolis and bee glandular secretions of the nurse bees.

Due to this complex compositions, Apilarnil, the drone larvae extract is indicated in general physical debility, asthenia, states of de-nutrition, postoperative convalescence, delayed puberty, sexual weakness, physical and intellectual fatigue in aging premature and exaggerated, and in states that require tonic and general trophic beneficial organism combination. Thereof recognized as nutritional supplements aimed to achieve a higher efficiency other supplement, which enhances each other's properties and ensure completion and unbalanced diets normalize and correct deficiencies that occur with age ( over 30 - 35 years) and especially those related to the immune system, hormonal balance and emotional self-adjustment, brain, nerve system - vegetative body strength.

I harvest the drone larvae and produce Apilarnil, the total extract of drone larvae, only fresh between April and August.

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